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Ships can have a variety of weapons. These are divided into energy weapons and ammunition weapons.

An overview of all weapons can be found in the German Drifting Souls Wiki.


Schwere vasudanische Strahlengeschütze

Heavy Vasudan beam guns have the flag "Große Reichweite", (engl. long range), see screenshot tooltip

Some weapons have flags.

Flag Description
Große Reichweite (engl.long range) Can be fired at other ships from the 2nd row.
Salven (Schüsse) (engl. Salvos ["shots"] Fires the weapon several times per heat point.
Umgebungsschaden (engl. Environmental damage) Simultaneously damages x ships above and below the selected ship (applies only to the same ship type).
Munition (engl ammunition) Requires ammunition to fire. Damage and hit probability depend on the ammunition.