Drifting Souls Wiki

Drifting Souls 2 is a turn-based browser game. The turns are called ticks (more rarely also called galactic unit period or (game)-turn). In the following some calculations are mentioned, which take place during the ticks. The list is not exhaustive and should only give an impression.

Resource, Item and Ship production is given in Resource per Tick. Per tick, the items are credited to the asteroids. The ships are available at the location of their production after the corresponding ticks are completed.

Each research also takes a certain number of ticks.

Per tick, the engine overheating of ships is reduced. Ticks also produce ship and asteroid energy (which costs uranium, deuterium or antimatter).

Likewise, battles run in ticks, although there are certain specifics to keep in mind.

Three ticks define an ingame day (ingame time / ingame date).

Tick times[]


The end of the last tick (German „Letzter Tick”) is shown in the overview display.

The end of the last tick is shown in the overview display.

  1. Tick: 00:00 o'clock
  2. Tick: 08:00 o'clock
  3. Tick: 12:00 o'clock
  4. Tick: 16:00 o'clock
  5. Tick: 18:00 o'clock
  6. Tick: 20:00 o'clock
  7. Tick: 22:00 o'clock

Each tick starts exactly on the hour. However, the tick calculation itself can take a few seconds. During the tick you cannot perform any actions in the game.