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Cutout of the star map of Eta-Nebular

In Drifting Souls 2 (DS2) there are several star systems. Within the systems are nebulaes, asteroids, planets, suns, and jump nodes, among others. In the star systems, the ships can be moved in real time. Star systems are connected to each other using jump nodes.

Systems consist of a variety of sectors. An overview of a system is given by the star map.

Based on the system number, you can see in the coordinates in which system a sector is located. For example, the coordinate 605:234/173 is in Eta Nebular, as this system has the identification number 605.


The four quadrants on the star map using the example of the star system "Cogadh"

For better orientation, it has become established to divide each star system into four quadrants of equal size. The designation of the quadrants according to alpha, beta, gamma and delta quadrant is done as in the attached example image, and always according to the same order (e.g. the gamma quadrant is always on the top right).

Listing of the star systems[]

  • Eta Nebular (605)
  • Eta Nebular Gamma Prospect (609)
  • Eta Nebular Delta Prospect (610)
  • Eta Nebular Beta Prospect (611)
  • Rho Carinae (612)
  • Downfall (613)
  • Chra'khatach (614)
  • Rhakash (615)
  • Neo Polaris (616)
  • Amistad (617)
  • Cogadh (618)
  • Lyrae (619)
  • 620 (620)