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A section of the star map Eta Nebulars. The bright part in the middle is currently being reconnoitered by one of your own ships.


Drifting Souls 2 - Schiffsflug via Sternenkarte (Tutorial)

The star map' is a map over a certain star system.

It is an overview of a star system and contains the position of asteroids, planets, suns, nebulae and partly jump nodes. To find your way around the map, manual coodinate inputGoto or the ingame search function can help.

Ships and certain other information (e.g. information about the owner) about e.g. asteroids only appear when an own or allied ship is in sensor range.

The star map can be opened via various ways, but for example via the upper tab Datenbank (engl. Database).

Objects on the star map[]

object image
Ajax-loader Loader bar (appears when calling the star map)
GrünesF own ship
BlauesF allied ship
RotesF other (non-owned or non-allied) ship
GroßerAsti large, uninhabited residential asteroid
MittlererAsti medium, unsettled residential asteroid
Kleiner Asti small, unsettled residential asteroid
Eisasteroid unpopulated ice asteroid
EigenerAsteroid own, colonized asteroid
VerbündeterAsteroid Settled asteroid of an allied player
SonstigerAsteroid Other (non-owned or non-allied) colonized asteroid
EMP-Nebel thin, medium, and dense EMP Nebula
Deuterium-Nebel thin, medium, and dense deuterium nebula
Schadensnebel Damage Nebula
JN Jump node
Sonne Sun
Mond Moon
Planet Planet (sample image)
Phönix Bild Phönix