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The Com-Nets

An important element in Drifting Souls 2 (DS2) is the Role-playing game (RP, RPG). DS2 offers many opportunities for players to develop the game's story.

For example, the factions and partly the alliances have a long history, which is designed and developed by the players themselves. The NPCs also play an important role here, as they can force certain processes by means of warships or quests.

Important cornerstones of the role-playing game are thus the Com-Net and the PM function. Here players can live out their own storylines and interact with other players.

To search for old Com-Net posts, various search functions are available within the Com-Net.

Deutschland The ingame language of DS2 is German. This means that private messages, Com-Net entries and trade ads - and thus all roleplay articles - must be written in German! As a foreign-language speaker you must therefore have your Com-Nets translated into German before sending them. Online translators such as the Google Translator or DeepL (recommended) are available for this purpose. Certainly it can also be helpful to ask German-speaking players for assistance in translating, for example via the DS2 discord.


The Com-Net, short Cn, is a public communication network used by players and NPCs alike. Here, messages can be exchanged in various public radio channels, which can be viewed by anyone. Each alliance can also have a public or a non-public (alliance-internal) radio channel. An in-game explanation of Com-Net can be found via the help icon Help in the upper right corner.

The contributions can be made descriptive by means of BBCodes, likewise pictures can be inserted. Contributions published via Com-Net are saved and will not be lost. They cannot be edited after publication.