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The tech tree, alternatively here as „.pdf file“

In Drifting Souls 2 there is a sophisticated research system, through which new technologies can be unlocked.

Research can be done in research centers. Each research costs silicon, partly also isochips and in rare cases also other resources. In addition, there is a certain research duration, which is given in ticks. This means that a research is never carried out immediately, but always takes a certain amount of time.

You can build one research center per asteroid, so that - if you own several asteroids and the necessary resources - you can do several researches at the same time.

With new research, for example, more efficient buildings, ships or ammunition can be unlocked. Once learned, researches remain forever (even after the demolition of the research center). An overview of the different researches and their interconnections can be found via the image "tech tree" on the right.

List of all researches[]

In the following, various buildings, items, units and ships are listed with the research required for their construction or production. It is important to note that they can be operated without the corresponding research. So you can buy and operate a ship that you can't actually build yet because you don't have the research.

The list can be found in the German Drifting Souls Wiki, which is referenced here. A translation of the individual German terms into English is not provided here, since these can vary depending on the translation tool.