Drifting Souls Wiki

Officers improve the stats of a ships. All ship classes except fighters, bombers and sentry guns can have an officer. They are trained at the Fleet Academy and can be named individually.

Basic education[]

Four different officer orientations are available for training

Name Technik (engl. technics) Waffen (eng. weapons) Navigation (engl. navigation) Sicherheit (engl. security) Kommandoeffizienz (engl. command efficency)
Ingenieur (engl. Engineer) 25 20 10 5 5
Navigator 5 10 30 5 10
Sicherheitsexperte (engl. security expert) 10 25 5 35 5
Captain 10 10 15 5 35


In an academy an officer can train single values. One round gives +10 points on the selected skill. To train, simply select the skill value of an officer.


Level Bauzeittraining time NahrungFood SiliziumSilicon
Level * 0,25+1 Level * 1,50+1 Level * 1,00+1
10 3 16 11
20 6 31 21
30 8 46 31
40 11 61 41
50 13 76 51
60 16 91 61
70 18 106 71
80 21 121 81
90 23 136 91
100 26 151 101
110 22 166 111
120 31 181 121
130 33 196 131
140 36 211 141
150 38 226 151
160 41 241 161
170 43 256 171
180 43 271 181
190 48 286 191
200 51 301 201

Officers also train when applying skills and successfully attacking, but this is much slower.

Special skills[]

Skill Effect
Schnellmerker (engl. fast learning) Requires only 50% of XP per level
Technikfreak (engl. tech geek) Requires 40% less of the engineering skill to reduce engine heat by 1
Bleifuß (engl. lead foot) Requires 40% less of the navigation skill to reduce energy cost by 2
Motivationskünstler (engl. motivator) Increases the caper multiplier by 1
Waffennarr (engl gun lover) Nothing
Verrückter Diktator (engl. crazy dictator) Nothing
Nichts (engl. nothing) Nothing

Officer Skills[]

Technik (engl. technics) • Reduces engine heat by 1
• Improves the subsystem repair capabilities of the crew
Waffen (engl. weapons) • increases the attack power (damage) of the ship, siehe here.
Navigation • reduces flight costs by 2
• increases the hit probability of the ship
Sicherheit (engl. security) • improves attack and defense strength when capering
Kommandoeffizienz (engl. command efficency) • improves attack and defense strength when capering
• increases the attack power (damage) of the ship, siehe here.
• increases the hit probability of the ship

Bonus damage[]

An officer increases the damage of a ship by (weapons+command efficiency)/2/15 in %.

Example: Captain = (10+35)/2/15 = 1.5%

Subsystem repair[]

Ships that have destroyed or heavily damaged subsystems and are not within a battle are repaired by their crew tick by tick at least partially repaired.

The better trained the officer on board, the more it increases the speed and quality of the crew to repair the subsystems.

An officer with a tech score (German: "Technik") above 240 allows full subsystem repair. Repair is inhibited if the crew is not complete.

Education level of officers[]

As already mentioned, officers can be trained to improve their skills.

From the picture of an officer you can roughly estimate his training level. Officers are yellow at the beginning and can be double green at the end. The sum of their skills divided by 125 is the training level. Each skill at 25 is simply red. Double green represents the highest level of training. If the officer reaches this level, he can still be trained further, so he can become much better.

lowest training level ----> highest training level:
Off0 - Off1 - Off2 - Off3 - Off4 - Off5 - Off6

Naming and ID[]

Each officer receives an individual, unchangeable ID and a name at the beginning of their training. Automatic naming can be adjusted in the Options.

Each officer can be renamed as many times as desired by its owner.

Loss/surrender/death of officers[]

Officers die only if their ship gets destroyed (exception: an officer can escape death if there is an escape pod aboard his ship). If a ship is transfered to another player or captured by another player, the officer on it is also transfered or "captured" by the capture.

Low heat officer[]

A low heat officer' is an officer who has been trained to reduce the overheating of a ship by at least one point.

Technikfreak (engl.: tech geek) officers lend themselves to this because they can be trained to be a lowheat officer more quickly.

Starting with a technique skill of 120 (technique freak) or 200 (other officers), an officer can reliably reduce the resulting engine heat by a value of 1 on every flight. At most, it will only allow the engine heat of any ship to be reduced to the value of 2 (2 heat per sector).