Drifting Souls Wiki

A non-player character (NPC) is a character that is not controlled by the player. In Drifting Souls 2, the non-player characters are played by experienced people who already have many years of gaming experience.

By means of the NPCs, various factions are coordinated/controlled. They are used to control game events, ensure balancing between different power poles (overpowered players or alliances) and are an important element of the role-playing game. In addition, some of them can give quests and credit loyalty points. Players can earn ranks with some NPCs.

Most NPCs have a profile, except, for example, the NPC named Quest (ID: -28). This NPC has no profile for roleplaying reasons and is not listed in the player list.

Basically, accounts with a negative ID are NPCs. However, some of them are former developers, e.g. Guzman (ID: -99), or players and former NPCs. Therefore, an exact delimitation is not always possible.