Drifting Souls Wiki

For completing certain quests that some factions (VI, GTVR, NTF and Agiotage) occasionally offer, as well as for shooting down ships of enemy factions, you receive loyalty points (LP for short) - as long as you report the mission to the corresponding faction. These are necessary for buying certain faction ships and items, but also determine your own NPC rank.

It is quite possible to the kill of many enemy NPC shipy in order to report them in bundles. It is not mandatory to report every single kill separately.

A mission can only be reported to one faction at a time. Thus, the same mission cannot be claimed by more than one faction to receive loyalty points.

You can only earn loyalty points with one main faction (VI, NTF, GTVR). If you already have loyalty points with one main faction and you start collecting points with another faction, you may be expelled from the faction. Besides collecting loyalty points from the main factions, you can also collect points from the secondary faction Agiotage.

NPC rank[]

Players can acquire a rank from some NPCs / factions, the so-called NPC or faction rank. This is possible with the following NPCs:

  • VI
  • GTVR
  • NTF
  • Agiotage

Ranks and promotions are obtained by completing quests and shooting down enemy ships, as long as you "report the mission".

The NPC rank is displayed in the profile. The NPC rank of other players can be viewed only if they have a rank with the same NPC / faction.

To buy goods from the factions / NPCs, it is sometimes necessary to have a certain rank.

NPC rank requirements[]

rank 1:    1000  LP
rank 2:    2000  LP
rank 3:    3000  LP
rank 4:    4000  LP
rank 5:    6000  LP
rank 6:    8000  LP
rank 7:   10000  LP
rank 8:   12000  LP
rank 9:   16000  LP
rank 10:  20000  LP
rank 11:  24000  LP
rank 12:  28000  LP
rank 13:  40000  LP
rank 14:  50000  LP
rank 15:  60000  LP
rank 16: 100000  LP