Drifting Souls Wiki

Image of a jump node


A jump node (green object) on the star map

Jump nodes (JN) or Jump points are connections between two sectors. Ships can jump from one sector to another sector through JNs for 5 energy and without engine heating, even if the sectors are in different systems.

Jump nodes are the only way to get from one star system to another.

In principle, jump nodes are shown on every coordinate list of a star system, but jump nodes may not be listed there. Likewise, some jump nodes can always be seen on the star map, while others can only be seen when they are within sensor range of a ship. In addition, most jump nodes are located at fixed positions (coordinates). However, some are moving or flying and can change their position, e.g. those to the prospect star systems.

If a ship of a fleet flies through a jump node, the rest of the fleet immediately jumps after it.

The sole passage of a ship through a jump node does not trigger an alarm.