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Freespace 2 is a computer game produced in 1999 by the game developer Volition for Windows and published by Interplay Entertainment. FreeSpace 2 is a science fiction space combat simulation based on its predecessor Freespace 1.


32 years after the plot of Freespace 1, the plot of Freespace 2 begins.

In the year 2367, the Galactic Terran Alliance (GTA) no longer exists, because the formerly hostile races (Vasudans and Terrans) have united and formed the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance (GTVA). The Shivans have retreated.

Nevertheless, the disappearance of the Shivans has not brought peace to the universe, for civil war reigns. A Terran rebel group led by Admiral Aken Bosch considers the cooperation with the Vasudans a danger to the Terran race. It has split from the GTVA and formed the Neo-Terran Front (NTF), which is fighting for independence.

The civil war has been raging for 16 months now. In Gamma Draconis, a star system, a very old artificial jump point is discovered (the so-called Knossos Portal), which also attracts the Shivans back into known space. At the beginning of the conflict, the Shivan fleet seems quite small and the Alliance can even destroy a Shivan super destroyer of larger dimensions than those of the "SD Lucifer", but as the game progresses, the GTVA seems clearly inferior to the Shivan.

The story / narration / storyline of Freespace 2 ends around 2367 to 2370. Also around 2370 the narration of Drifting Souls 2 begins, which continues that of the Freespace games. In the meantime, Drifting Souls 2 is in the 25th century.

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