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Conflict: FreeSpace - The Great War - also known as FreeSpace 1 - is a computer game produced in 1998 by the game developer Volition for Windows and published by Interplay Entertainment. FreeSpace 1 is a science fiction space combat simulation. In the same year, the expansion Silent Threat was released. The following year, Freespace 2 was released.


The Terrans and Vasudans are in the midst of an intergalactic war that has lasted over 14 years. With the front almost at a standstill and immense losses for both sides, things look bleak. But then, in the midst of the fighting, a new enemy appears, which becomes known as the Shivans. The Shivans systematically destroy the outposts of both races equally. Since both the Vasudans and the Terrans see no chance of victory, they must stand united against the common enemy if they are to save their people, their civilization, and their homeworld.

The plot of Freespace 1 ends around 2335.

32 years later, the plot of Freespace 2 begins.

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