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Example Fleet

Schiff anschliessen

Two or more ships of a player can be combined into fleets. This simplifies their handling and enables additional functions. Ships can be combined or added to fleets using the button shown in the upper right corner.

If you move a ship of a fleet from one place to another, the other ships will follow as well, if this is possible (enough energy, working/present drives, no engine overheating, no enemy alarms, enough crew). Basically, the flight of a fleet is aborted by means of autopilots at the place, if the flight of one or more ships is no longer possible due to the above mentioned reasons.

If one ship of the fleet is attacked, the rest of the fleet joins the fight, if it is on the same coordinate.


In the red marked window all existing fleets are listed

You can get an overview of all fleets on the overview page, see image.