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In Drifting Souls 2 there are various factions. They are NPC-controlled or automatically acting organizations, through which perform various services or functions.

List of all factions[]

  • Main factions:
    • Galactic Terran-Vasudan Republic (GTVR, federation of Terran and Vasudan settlers working for joint, peaceful settlement of systems).
    • Vasudanisches Imperium (VI [engl. Vasudan Empire], purely Vasudan Faction, advocates exclusively for Vasudan interests).
    • Neo-Terranische Front (NTF [engl. Neo Terran Front], purely Terran Faction that advocates exclusively for Terran interests).
  • Ancillary factions:
    • Galtracorp Unlimited (Trading, Auctions)
    • Demolition Incorporated (Asteroid Modification, Core Removal)
    • Regency & Plah'tek Investment Bank (Remittances)
    • Agiotage Schwarzmarkt ([engl. Agiotage Black Market] Trading)
    • Galactic Commonwealth of Pirates (pirate faction, living largely off of deserted ships and occasional raids)

Colonists can earn loyalty points (LP) from main factions as well as Agiotage and redeem them for special ships and items.

Former factions[]

The following factions were an established part of Drifting Souls 2:

  • Galactic Commonwealth of Planets
  • Confederate Stellar Alliance
  • Galactic Terran-Vasudan Empire
  • Hammer of Light

Also known as part of the roleplaying game from Freespace history are the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance and the Galactic Terran Alliance. While these are part of the RPG in Drifting Souls 2, they were never specifically an established part of the game.