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Drifting Souls 2 (DS2) is an original German language browser game. The game itself currently offers no other language versions.

Google Chrome Translator

Google Chrome lets you play Drifting Souls 2 in English within a few moments. For more see here

Nevertheless, it is possible to have the game translated into other languages, so that players who do not speak German can play it. For this you need a translation program for the browser. This is already integrated in some browsers, e.g. Google Chrome, see here. In this case, you only have to instruct the browser to translate Drifting Souls 2 from German into the desired language.

Unless your browser provides a standalone translation, such as Mozilla, you will need a browser add-on. For example, there is a help page for translation tools for the Mozilla browser, see here. A possible add-on for translation is for example the add-on "To Google Translate".

With the help of such tools the game can be played in other languages. An exception to this, however, is the writing roleplay (Com-Net) integrated into the game. In the Com-Net or via private messages, colonists and NPCs can contact each other in a role-playing/writing manner. For example, radio messages, declarations of war, RPG stories or other role-play narrations can be sent there. DeutschlandThe role-playing game in Drifting Souls 2 takes place exclusively in German (ingame language). Foreign language Com-Net entries are prohibited. As a foreign-language speaker you must therefore have your Com-Nets translated into German before sending them. Online translators such as the Google Translator or DeepL (recommended) are available for this purpose. Certainly it can also be helpful to ask German-speaking players for assistance in translating, for example via the DS2 discord.