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Buildings can be built on asteroids and allow the production of resources, modules, energys and smaller ships, the training of units and officerss, the research, serve the administration of the asteroid or provide housing for the workers.


Each building construction costs raw materials and proceeds immediately, i.e. without delay. On the ingame-building-overview the respective construction costs can be found.

In addition, there are buildings that can only be built on special Asteroids, that can only be built with a specific Race and/or with a specific Research.

When demolishing buildings, you get 80% of their construction cost back. The demolition is immediate, i.e. without any time delay.

Differences by asteroid[]

On ice asteroids, you can basically build all types of buildings. On residential asteroids, you can build all types of buildings except for the open pit ice mining building.

Since ice asteroids are much smaller (= much less building fields, namely always only 9 pieces) than residential asteroids, ice asteroids are basically only suitable for rock-ice mining. Otherwise, you should only use residential asteroids to build a functioning economy. This is also supported by the fact that ice asteroids cannot be expanded (see asteroid modification) and cannot have cores.

Differences by race[]

One's race determines (in addition to existing researchs) which buildings can theoretically be built.

Vasudans can build Vasudan and GCP buildings. Terrans can build Terran and GCP buildings.

Some NPCs with special NPC races can also build additional, special buildings.

Special buildings[]

Underground complexes[]

One underground complex can be built on an asteroid for every 8 spaces. So far, there are three buildings that are considered underground complexes: uranium-powered deep reactor, deuterium-powered deep reactor, and underground farm.


Each residential asteroid can have exactly one Core.


Overview of all cores

A core building' refers to a structure inside a residential asteroids (ice asteroids cannot have a core).

There are different forms of cores. You can only install one core per asteroid.

Cores do not consume any energy to function. They produce either food, ore or energy and require workers. The larger a core is, the more workers it consumes and the higher its production increase.

A list of all Cores can be found here or there.

Cores, unlike normal buildings, cannot be simply demolished or removed. Cores can only be removed via the Demolition Incorporated faction, but this is relatively expensive.

Abandonment of a populated asteroid: Consequences for the buildings there[]

If the owner abandons an asteroid, or if the owner is deleted so that the asteroid is ownerless, all buildings on the asteroid remain. If the asteroid is later repopulated, all the old buildings are available to the new owner again. This is true even if he could not have built the buildings himself, because he lacks the corresponding research or he belongs to another race.

While an asteroid is uninhabited, its buildings do not produce or consume any items. Research and ship production are aborted. In addition, stored energy is lost. All inhabitants leave the asteroid as well.

List of all buildings[]

See here for the German wiki article: List of all buildings. For an ingame list look here.