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The battle menu


While on the star map within sensor range, sectorss blocked by at least one yellow or red enemy alarm are highlighted in yellow, sectors where one or more battles are taking place are highlighted in red

A battle is a warlike confrontation between two parties.

New players are protected from attacks by the GCP protection (noob protection).

Basic information[]


Click on a battle on the star map, which is in sensor range, to get more information about the combatants

A battle is always fought between two parties/sides only. It doesn't matter how many players or NPCs are on both sides. The command over a side has always only one person (so called battle leader), but this command can be changed as often as you want.


A display about open battles (detail from the overview page/startpage)

If party A attacks party B, a battle is opened. More players/NPCs can join the battle afterwards. If there are other players/NPCs from the same alliance in the same sector of a party before the battle starts, they will join the battle immediately on the side of their allied party - whether on the side of the attacker or defender.

Battle rounds are basically tied to the normal ticks. At each tick, a battle round ends unless the battle was started less than 30 minutes before the end of the next tick calculation. In this case, the battle does not tick until the next but one tick (since the duration of a tick calculation can vary, it is recommended to attack at least 35 minutes before tick to keep a battle ticking). Battles can last for many ticks, but it is also possible to end the rounds early if both sides agree. By these agreements it is possible to conduct any number of battle rounds within one tick. In such manually ended rounds the weapons are cooled down, but no new ship energy is produced. This is reproduced only at the normal tick.

A battle always takes place in one, never in several sectors. However, an infinite number of battles are possible in one sector at the same time.

If a battle is started, the player and his alliance will be notified via private message (PM).


Example PM informing about an opened battle

If a factions NPC is attacked, all players who have a rank with the faction will also be informed about it. Open battles are shown in the overview.

Victory conditions[]

A battle is considered won when all enemy ships have been defeated (destroyed/captured) or the entire enemy has fled. If both sides are destroyed or flee at the same time, the battle is considered a draw. For each battle outcome, the battle leader receives a private message.