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Ammunition are items that are required for the use of special weapons systems. Without ammunition, these special weapon systems cannot be used, so a sufficient amount must always be carried on board the ships. Ammunition is primarily produced in factorys.


Torpedoes are a type of ammunition fired through torpedo tubes (German: Torpedorohre). Torpedoes, unlike missiles, ignore the influence of the target's armor, but can be fired before they hit. Whether a torpedo is shot down is determined by the target's torpedo defense capability, see Hit Probability#Torpedo Defense.

A list of all torpedoes with their properties can be found in the following table:

List of all torpedoes:[]

Rocket image Damage hit probability F/B hit probability C environmental damage Notes
GTM-N1 Harbinger]
5000 10 % 65 % - 1st generation basic torpedo for use against single ships.
GTM Tsunami
2400 5 % 55 % 1 1st generation basic torpedo for use against multiple ships.
GTM-12 Cyclops]
8000 10% 50% - 2nd generation advanced torpedo for use against single ships. It is most notable for its significantly higher accuracy compared to the Helios.
GTM-13 Helios
2400 5 % 40 % 2 2nd generation advanced torpedo for use against multiple ships. It features area damage but lower accuracy compared to Cyclops.
7700 10 % 75 % - An advanced torpedo for use against individual ships, which can only be recovered from containerss of the Aljaši-Marée. It has slightly lower damage than Cyclops torpedoes, but is more likely to hit its target.


Missiles are fired by missile launchers (German: Raketenwerfer) of fighters on the one hand, or by heavy rocket launchers and heavy long range missile launchers (German: Schwerer Raketenwerfer or Schwerer LR-Raketenwerfer) of heavy fighters, (heavy) cruisers, frigates, destroyers, juggernauts, or carriers on the other. The hull damage of a missile is reduced by the armor of the enemy ship by 10 % per armor point. At armor levels of 10 or more, missiles cannot do any damage to hull (but to shields).

Stiletto missiles can also attack the subsystems of a ship (otherwise only disruptors can).

The list below shows which weapons can fire the missiles and which targets they hit with what hit probability.

Missile Picture Rocket-
heavy Rock-
et launcher

/ schw. LR
Rocket launcher



Salvo Hit probability

F&B / C / Subsys. (in %)

GTM-4 Hornet Hornet x x x 120 4 50 / 60
GTM-4a Tornado Tornado x x 190 5 60 / 80
GTM-3 Phoenix V Phoenix V x x x 800 5 / 60
GTM-55 Trebuchet Trebuchet x 1.600 5 / 70
GTM-10 Stiletto Stiletto x x x 1 / 200 / 25 20 / 50 / 100 Causes Subsystem damage.
GTM-43a Stiletto II Stiletto II x x 1 / 300 / 25 2 40 / 70 / 100 Causes Subsystem damage.
GTM-5 Synaptic Synaptic x x x 200 2 30 / 40 has an environmental damage of 1 = max. 3 ships.
GTM-11 Infyrno Infyrno x x 275 2 40 / 60 has an environmental damage of 1 = max. 3 ships.
GTM-10 Piranha Piranha x x 130 4 50 / 75 has an environmental damage of 1 = max. 3 ships Can only be bought from the NPC.
Mauujì-5.0 Mauujì-5.0 klein x 900 60 / 75 Kann nur aus Containern der Aljaši-Marée geborgen werden.

Anti aircraft ammunition (Flak)[]

Flak ammunition is ammunition which is fired with various anti-aircraft guns. It is particularly well suited for defense against fighters and bombers and especially torpedos. It is fired by Flakgeschütze (engl. anti aircraft guns), LR-Flakgeschütze (long range anti aircraft guns), schwere Flakgeschütze (heavy anti aircraft guns) and schwere LR-Flakgeschütze (heavy long range anti aircraft guns).

Anti-aircraft guns fire automatically at approaching torpedos without energy loss or weapon overheating (they still consume anti aircraft ammunition). Only attacking enemy ships costs energy and heats the weapon.

Name Picture Suitable guns Notes
AP-Flakmagazine Flakmagazine Flakgeschütze, LR-Flakgeschütze AP-Flakmagazin means armor piercing anti aircraft magazine
HE-Flakmagazine Flakmagazine LR Flakgeschütze, LR-Flakgeschütze has an environmental damage of 1; HE-Flakmagazin means high explosive anti aircraft magazine
schwere AP-Flakmagazine Schwere Flakmagazine schwere Flakgeschütze, schwere LR-Flakgeschütze
schwere HE-Flakmagazine Schwere Flakmagazine LR schwere Flakgeschütze, schwere LR-Flakgeschütze has an environmental damage of 1