Drifting Souls Wiki

At least two players can form (player) alliances to play together. The alliance leader can assign alliance ranks to its members and set an alliance logo. When NPCs form alliances, it is called NPC factions.

Each alliance can open internal and external com-net channels.

Alliance members can cooperate particularly well via all sorts of additional functions. For example, supply ships can also supply alliance members, alliance members can use the sensor range of allied shipss, and if an alliance member is attacked, all other members receive a private massage (PM) and can take over and control the battle, especially if the attacked is not currently online.


An application to join an alliance

If you want to join an alliance, you must apply to it. The alliance can then decide about the admission. An overview of all alliances can be found under the tab "Communication" --> "Alliances". You can only be in one alliance at a time, but you can leave or switch alliances as often as you like.

Each alliance has an individual Alliance ID.

Alliance formation[]


Menu for alliance creation

An alliance can only be founded together with one other player. This player must be named during the alliance formation process. All alliance founding players must not be in any other alliance at the time of alliance founding. The alliance creation menu can be found under the "Communication" --> "Alliances" tab.

Alliance dissolution[]

If an alliance has only one player left, a countdown will start (several ticks). If no other player joins the alliance until then, the alliance will be dissolved automatically. An alliance dissolves immediately when all members have left.